High School

Getting Started

Ready to get started? In this section you'll find the information you need to complete a successful project and get excited about helping to save the environment! You'll find a step-by-step description of the Challenge Process, detailed information about completing and submitting your application and resources to help you facilitate the Challenge.

Follow the steps below to complete the Challenge.

1. Register for the Challenge.

The Team Advisor/Mentor must register for the Challenge to get started.

2. Set up your team.

A Team Advisor/Mentor can create his/her team(s) in the Dashboard after registering. Please have your team members' information including first and last name, grade, gender, email address, and citizenship status. Note that Team Advisors/Mentors may have more than one team but each individual student may only be a part of one team.

3. Follow the Challenge Process and utilize free site Resources.

Use the Challenge Process steps: Identify and Research, State Your Hypothesis, Plan and Design, Analyze, Conclude, Share and Global Impact. On the site, you will also find hundreds of free resources to help facilitate the Challenge including project ideas, videos, and lesson plans (for educators only).

4. Complete and submit your application.

Team Leads and Members: Log in and visit your Dashboard to complete your application. You are responsible for filling out the entire application. The Team Lead should review all steps (Review/Submit Application) and agree to all Challenge terms before submitting the application. Once the application has been submitted, it cannot be changed.  Note: make sure your Team Advisor/Mentor has updated your team profile before submission (if necessary).

Team Advisor/Mentors: You cannot edit the application but can view it and provide guidance.  Make sure to update your team's profile, if necessary, before the Team Lead submits the application.

All applications are due by March 5, 2013. Early submissions are encouraged.

5. Questions?

If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please email wecanchange@discovery.com.

Keys to a successful project:

  • Choose an issue or problem that your team is passionate about. This will help to keep your team going when things don't work out exactly as expected. Remember that your issue or problem needs to be related to energy and have a global impact.
  • Choose at least one member on the team who is outgoing and not afraid to speak out. Teams should be communicating with members of the community during the project.
  • Add your team on theSiemens We Change the World Challenge website early in the process so that they have access to all the resources on the site. Remember, only your teacher/mentor can officially add the team.
  • Use the provided Resources to support your Challenge process.
  • You should set your own timeline and leave room for delays to give yourself plenty of time to meet the Challenge project submission deadline of March 5, 2013. Early submissions are encouraged.
  • Know up front that, depending upon the problem/issue that you choose, some of this project may require evening and weekend work. Team members need to factor this into their time commitments at the start of the project.
  • As each step is completed, enter the team's progress in the application.
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