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2011 Elementary School Winners

Siemens, Discovery Education and NSTA are pleased to announce the National Elementary School Winners for Grades K-2 of the 2010-2011 Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge! See the winners from grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

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First Place - MARYLAND

  • Team Name Concord Hill Greenies

  • Location Chevy Chase, Maryland

  • School Concord Hill School

  • Teacher/Mentor Jack Daggitt (Collaborator: Tracy Yaffe)

  • Description The Concord Hill Greenies learned that an idling car gets zero miles per gallon, yet still produces 20 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of gas it burns. To help solve the issue of cars lining up and idling in the pickup area before and after school, the team turned to Queuing Theory, which provides a way to analyze queues or lines with the goal of making them move faster and more efficiently. The team collected data on the number and patterns of cars idling and interviewed teachers to get their input. The team also performed simulations to develop the best solution for efficiency and eliminating car idling. They changed the pickup procedure to stagger pickup times and communicated the change with parents through weekly messages. Additionally, the students created a video and posted it on the web to educate students and parents. Compliance was nearly 97%. The team collected data and found that cars spent 70% less time idling than before the campaign, significantly reducing the amount of pollution produced at their school from idling cars.
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Second Place - GEORGIA

  • Team Name From Plastic to Fantastic

  • Location Cumming, Georgia

  • School Vickery Creek Elementary School

  • Teacher/Mentor Laura Fedorchuk

  • Description The students on this team were concerned about the use of plastic bags for shopping and noticed that their two neighborhood grocery stores did not offer any incentives to shoppers for using reusable bags. The team visited a landfill to see the damage being done and then visited their grocery stores to collect data on the amount of plastic bags being used. The students created an awareness campaign and started by producing and sharing informational videos. They also visited their grocery stores every week with posters reminding parents to use reusable bags and surveyed shoppers. In addition, they started selling reusable bags at parents’ nights and reached out to larger grocery chains to find out about providing incentives for using reusable bags. From their data, they noticed a dramatic increase in the number of reusable bags used and have reached out to their senator and mayor for additional support.
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Third Place - FLORIDA

  • Location Lakeland, Florida

  • School Lincoln Avenue Academy

  • Teacher/Mentor Mijana Lockard

  • Description  Water shortage is a big problem. Team WATER RESCUERS noticed that sprinklers at their school were going off even when it was raining and that there was a large amount of water being wasted. They decided that their school needed to change the way they use water outdoors. The team first studied water conservation, looking at the Florida aquifer and heard from a representative from the Southwest Florida Water Management District. They further studied where water was being lost outdoors at their school and the soil and plants in their gardens. The class then made rain barrels to collect water on rainy days and transformed every garden at their school into xeriscapes, a type of garden that uses minimal water. They educated their school through a video that they created and presentations, and gave tours of the xeriscapes to community members. Students plan to develop a documentary that will be broadcast on their school board channel. They also hope to introduce their plan to the district's school board and campaign to reduce outdoors water waste at all schools around the district.
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